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Bitcoin ads displayed outside banks in Hong Kong, in effort to spread BTC awareness

Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong, which includes over 5,000 Bitcoin-focused members, today

Image Source: The Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong

Crypto twitter shared several posts of the ad campaign that have been displayed in the city’s financial district at spots outside of the Bank of China HK, HSBC and Standard Chartered HK headquarters. Some crypto leaders questioned whether the campaign aimed at financial inclusiveness or posed a challenge to banks:

However, Co-founder of Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong Leo Weese claimed that this was “not an ad campaign” and added in a statement: 

The goal is mainly to kickstart a conversation around the merits of Bitcoin, especially in the context of the ongoing economic challenges… I think the beauty of it is that it is not a company advertisement, but instead purely focussed on bitcoin itself, as a disruptive technology (#GlobalInternetMoney), a hedge against inflation (#DigitalGold) and as a means for financial inclusion (#BeYourOwnBank).

Some Twitter users said this was Hong Kong’s largest ad campaign about Bitcoin, however, it was not the first. Last month, another Bitcoin-centric ad in Hong Kong was featured in Apple Daily, a Hong Kong-based tabloid, after its founder Jimmy Lai was arrested by the government, as a part of a protest over Hong Kong’s Security Law. 

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